TV: The Flash 1×23 “Fast Enough”

The Flash

Original airdate: May 19, 2015

First of all,  I know I’m late with this.

Second of all … I am going to punch a hole through a wall.

Immediately upon finishing this episode I ripped off my headphones and threw down my pen and *keyboard smash*

From the beginning of this episode, I knew that this was not going to be usual fluffy Barry cutie show that we had all grown so used to.  I mean, how could it? Barry is finally face to face with his Mother’s murderer and he can do something to stop it.  We needed Serious!Barry voice over and I-mean-business!Barry.

I’m starring down at my notes so that I can add a small recap to this post, but… it’s just ~TIME TRAVEL~ GREAT SCOTTS!

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