Life: It is a truth universally acknowledged…

If you were to ask me what my favorite movie was you would get a couple of different answers.  If I was feeling particularly pretentious that day I might answer Ingmar Bergman’s Persona.  If I was in a darker mood, I’d probably say Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.  If I was being honest, I would say Empire Strikes Back.

The 2005 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice is not a movie I would claim as my favorite movie.  Which is a little bit odd since I FUCKING LOVE THIS MOVIE.  This is the movie that I have watched a million times and will watch a million more times.  There is no scenario that exists in which I will not want to watch Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfayden yell at each in the rain.

So Saturday night, Coco (the roommate) and I, are roaming the aisles of DVDs at Target (you know as you do) and I point out a boxset which includes among others the 2005 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice when…

“I’ve never seen it.”

Imagine my shock but mixed with excitement as I realized I could bring this greatness into her life.  The rest of the evening was spent alternating between raving about this movie I loved so much and still being surprised that someone who had once regularly been referred to as a “Jane Austen Character” had never once experienced anything Jane Austen.

Long story short? She loved it and I was instantly able to talk her into watching Sense & Sensibility right afterwards (okay it’s more like I took control over the TV and announced what we were watching next).  It was a Jane Austen party!

So now it is my mission to say:


Go watch Pride & Prejudice.  If you’ve never seen it before, you will thank me.  If you have seen it, than well you know what I’m talking about.

Imagine this, Keira Knightley as a perfect Elizabeth Bennet, a Mr. Bingley who reminds me so much a regency era Ron Weasley, a swoon inducing Matthew Macfayden as Mr. Darcy and a Bennet family that is just so endearing.  Add some jaw dropping scenery and music that you’ll want to hum to yourself for the rest of the week and really what more could you ask for?

Just… just go watch this movie.  Treat yourself to Pride & Prejudice.

“You have either enlightened me or you have ruined me with this movie.”  Coco says as she peaks over the top of my laptop at me and with that I believe I have found the perfect ending to this post.

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