It’s a Fresh Start


So, let’s start this from scratch.

People always say “write what you know” and if I know anything… I know television and I like to think I know a little bit about myself too.  Well I think I know myself.  Honestly, I’m terrible at writing introductory posts.  I never know what to write and I always end up trying way too hard to be witty.  So, I’m just going to ramble a bit and hopefully something interesting will tumble out.

I’ve had blogs before.  I’ve had TV blogs before, but this time we’re starting from scratch.  New blog. New Post.  New me.  Well okay, the me is probably still the same, but you know NEW BLOG! A new start.  Blank slate.   A crisp brand new journal with empty pages.  *sniffs* Can’t you just smell that new car smell?

Quite honestly, I don’t even know where to start.  Do I start from the beginning?

They say it was raining the day I was born.  My mother had just had a large meal of pasta and – okay I actually don’t even know this story.  I’ll fast forward a few decades.

So a little bit about me as I am now.   They call me Trin.  I’m *this many* old.  During the day I work for a photography company, I have a dangerously underused television and film degree, and at night I spend way too much time obsessing over fictional characters.  My personality is 85% television and 15% idek.

I guarantee that if you stick around here, you will be bound to read many a rambling keyboard smashing overexcited blog posts about whatever it is that I’m watching these days.  There will be tears on my keyboard as I scream about the fictional idiots that I love.  There will be some posts about … well I’m not sure, but there will be posts.

What am I watching these days? What aren’t I watching?  Well okay, according to that whiteboard in my room, there is quite a lot of shows that I’m not watching or shows that I’m behind on.   Best thing about summer hiatus is that it gives me time to catch up.

So I guess that just about covers it for now.  There’s not much left to say except…

Stay Tuned.