TV: Mr. Robot

MrRobot title

I think it was maybe less than 2 minutes into this show that I was completely hooked.  Everything just worked for me.  The voice over, the amazing performance by Rami Malek, to the music and general tone of the show… it all just worked.  It feels so reminiscent to something akin to Fight Club meets Dexter (but so far without the homicidal tendencies).

So, what’s this show about? Elliot (Malek) works cyber security by day and by night he’s a vigilante hacker, who takes down pedophiles and adulterers.  Hacking is a compulsion for him.  He describes it as a scratch he gets at that part of his mind.  He sees the world in dark tones and to him society is awful and wrecked. He trusts so few people and he hates so much.  So, he hacks.  He hacks everyone in his life, whether he likes them or not.  To be honest, so many of us have live large parts of our lives on the internet as it is, that it’s not all that difficult for someone like Elliot to learn everything there is to know about us.

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