Movie Review: Captain Marvel


Directed by: Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck
Premiered on March 8, 2019

I’m going to try and be completely unbiased in the following review. Oh. Who am I kidding? I wanted this movie to be amazing. I went into this movie knowing I was going to love it. I have hyped this movie to everyone I know.  And I’m not going to lie, it has taken Marvel much too long for them to finally have a female led movie. To be fair*, they did bring us Agent Carter, but they took her away from us far too soon.

So. Unbiased? Probably not, but I’ll be as honest as I can. I loved this movie. This is also the part where I pledge my undying love for Carol Danvers.

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Thoughts: Avengers: Infinity War (SPOILERS)


Directed by: Anthony  & Joe Russo
Release Date: April 27, 2018

Full disclosure: This is more of a stream of conscious ramble of thoughts regarding the film than a straight forward review. It’s abundantly clear from the following that I have way too much love for fictional characters.

There will be lots of spoilers as I intend to just dump all my thoughts I have below. So if you haven’t seen the movie or if you have a lot of feelings about spoilers, please stay away.

Seriously. I will spoiler everything.

Thursday was an extremely long day for me.  Ten years of movies had led to that night. I don’t think I can properly convey my excitement as I sat bouncing my knee at my desk counting down the hours that I could leave for the theater. My phone was buzzing next to me as I worked.  My friends were already there and waiting in line. One friend had decided to build an infinity gauntlet out of duck tape and ring pops. We were all very excited. We had been discussing our theories for weeks leading up to Thursday night. We’d spent the past few weekends re-watching all of the movies from the MCU and we thought we knew how it was all going to go down.  We were prepared for our favorites to die noble deaths as they saved the universe. After 10 years we were pretty confident in the formula for a Marvel movie.

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