Life: It was Destiny

“They’re coming.”  Coco’s voice is nervous.  She wasn’t paying attention before, but now she’s alert.

“Wuh…” It’s about all I can get out before my entire field of vision is full enemies. “shhhiiiiiiiiiiiit!” I don’t know what to do. They’re everywhere, there’s nowhere to run.  “THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! WHAT DO I DO?! WHAT DO I DO?!” I shout.

Then just like that my screen turns read and the words “GUARDIAN DOWN” begin to flash across my screen.

This is a story of how Coco has either helped me fulfill my full potential or has successfully ruined my life.

It was Sunday.  A beautiful day.  The sun was bright and the birds were surely singing.  Here we were two twentysomething women, with nothing to do. Our options for day were limitless.

Naturally, we ended up watching TV on the couches.  That’s when Coco had the brilliant idea that I needed to play the demo of this game she’d gotten not too long ago.  Destiny.


Now, I’ve never really played video games.  Not because I’ve never saw the appeal, we just never had gaming consoles in the house growing up (no matter how many times I begged for one).  When I was little I’d sometimes try to play when I was at my cousin’s houses, but they would always tell me I was terrible and take the controllers back.  In college, I’d just watch my roommate play, and that was entertainment enough.

My experience was limited. I didn’t know which button did what (actually I’m still not quite clear on that).

Yet, I wasn’t but ten minutes into Destiny and I was hooked.  There’ll be no going back.  Last night I dreamt of Dregs, Thralls and that damn Wizard that took me two hours to defeat.  All day at work, as I gritted my teeth at all the stuff piling up on my desk, the one thing that got me through was thinking about getting home and tacking some Fallen and Hive badies.

Basically, this was a post to try and explain why I have a bunch of notes sitting next to me for TV episodes that I have yet to write and why I have a bunch of new shows sitting on my DVR waiting for me to watch.  Luckily, its just a demo so I can only go as high as level 7 at this point.

Anyway, a quick rundown of what I’m watching this week

The newsroom title    about a boy title   the 100 title     moone boy title

I’ve finally started Season three of The Newsroom.  I’m going through the episodes slowly, because I’m savoring them.  I’m sad that these are the last few episodes I’m going to get of this quality show.  I’m going to miss these characters and that fantastic dialogue.  Plus, it makes me nostalgic for the days I used to work in a news room.

I’m marathoning About a Boy.  I enjoy easy to watch sitcoms in the morning while I get ready for work and its hitting the spot.  It’s cute and it’s funny.  I was hesitant at first, because I’m a snob and I loved the movie so much, but I can admit when I’m wrong.

I’m in the middle of rewatch of The 100 for the second time.  Coco and I made a deal that she’d watch The 100 if I’d give Heroes a second chance.  Now that they’re filming the Heroes sequel, it’s the right time for me to give this show another try.  I loved season one, but I just lost interest after that.  We’ll see how I like it now on a second watch.

I’m also in the midst of watching season three of Moone Boy on Hulu.  What can I say? I’ll watch anything with Chris O’Dowd in it.

Negl, I’m headed back to Destiny as soon as this is posted.

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