Movie Review: The Aftermath


Premieres: March 22nd

Directed by: James Kent
Written by: Joe Shrapnel, Anna Waterhouse & Rhidian Brook
Based on the novel by: Rhidian Brook

Set in Post-WWII Germany The Aftermath is a movie about grieving families amongst a city attempting to rebuild . We meet Rachael Morgan (Kiera Knightly) and her husband Lewis Morgan (Jason Clarke) as they settle into their new home in Hamburg, Germany. Lewis is an officer in the British army and as such is given use of a house for him and his wife.  The former home’s occupiants being Stephen Lubert (Alexander Skarsgard) and his teenage daugher Freda (Flora Thiemann) who are invited to stay on till they are cleared to move wherever they wish. Lewis is often called away on assignment leaving his Rachael and Lubert much time to get to know each other.

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Movie: A Simple Favor


Written by:  Screenplay by Jessica Sharzer
based on the novel by Darcey Bell
Directed by: Paul Feig
Release Date: September 14th


A Simple Favor is a well-crafted over the top chess match between two very different but very smart women. Anna Kendrick plays Stephanie, the instagram Mommy Blogger. Her youtube channel is full of last-minute brownie recipes and tips on how to make the perfect friendship bracelet.

Stephanie strives to make the outside perfect and convince everyone she’s the winning Mom, however, her closet isn’t exactly empty of skeletons as she would like most to believe. Blake Lively as Emily is a cool mysterious woman with the perfectly tailored suits, sharp tongue and who is able to make the perfect martini (the trick is that it’s all gin). Two minutes after Emily’s introduction I was leaning to my friend and declaring I was going to be here when I grow up.

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Movie: Bad Samaritan 


Written by: Brandon Boyce
Directed by: Dean Devlin
Release Date: May 4, 2018 

Sean and Derek (Robert Sheehan and Carlito Olivero) are two small time thieves who use their valet business as a way to gain access to people’s homes. When Cale Erendreich (David Tennant) shows up for dinner and is incredibly rude to the boys, Sean takes the opportunity to rob him. While at Cale’s home he stumbles upon a gruesome scene of a woman being held captive. Cale Erendreich is absolutely a serial killer. Sean makes the mistake of panicking and leaves the girl behind with a promise to come back for her. What follows is Sean desperately trying to find someone to believe him and ends up finally taking matters into his own hands.

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Movie: Tully


Directed by: Jason Reitman 
Written by: Diablo Cody 
Release Date: May 4, 2018 

Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman reunite for a third time creating an unintentional trilogy consisting of Juno, Young Adult and now Tully.  Each film is about different women at different parts of their lives but each film compliments each other forming a trilogy about women and motherhood.

Marlo (Charlize Theoron) is an overworked mother who is having a hard time balancing her children and herself.  She’s struggling even before she’s due to give birth to her third child and receiving little support from her oblivious husband, Drew (Ron Livingston). Marlo’s brother (Mark Duplass) offers her the number for a Night Nanny, his baby gift to her.  Marlo is hesitant at first as it would require her to allow a stranger into her home.

After a wonderfully edited montage of the stressful, daily routines and duties to a newborn, Marlo has reached her breaking point. Tully shows up soon after like something out of a fairy tale.  Tully is exactly everything that Marlo needs at this moment in time.

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Movie: Patti Cake$

Written/Directed by Geremy Jaspar
Start Date: August 18, 2017

This film was an unexpected delight and I am so very glad I got a chance to see it.

Patti Cake$ follows a young girl, Patricia aka Patti Cake aka Killa P, living in New Jersey and dreaming of something more.  She lives with her mother and grandmother and works two jobs just so they can make ends meet.  Her escape is her music and her rhymes.  She raps first thing in the morning while brushing her teeth and falls asleep to the sounds of her favorite musicians.  Her imagination and creativity bursting through her in a way that even when she decides to give it all up, she still can’t stop herself from grabbing a pen and jotting everything down.


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Movie: Detroit


Director: Kathryn Bigelow
Written by: Mark Boal
Release Date: August 4th 2017

Last week on July 26th I sat in a theater waiting for the advance screening of the film Detroit. At the time I was unaware it was the 50th anniversary of the Algiers Motel Incident.  It may be 50 years later, but a film like this is still so incredibly relevant.  We still live in a world where a few aggressive and racially motivated cops are allowed to cause destruction with little to no consequences.  We live in a world where the President of the United States gave these cops his support.  This is the world we live in and as difficult it was to watch this film,  everyone needs to be having serious discussing about the issues as present in this film (and in real life).

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Movies: Crimson Peak


Written and Directed by: Guillermo del Toro
Release date: October 16, 2015

Let me just get this bit out of the way first.  This movie is visually stunning.  It is so very appealing to the eyes.  The colors are vibrant, the costumes are extravagant, and it looks completely different than so many other movies of similar genres.

Crimson Peak is a gothic romance starring, Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, Charlie Hunnam, and Mia Wasikowska as Edith Cushing.  In Edith’s words “It’s not a ghost story.  It’s a story with a ghost.  The ghost is a metaphor.”

Edith is a young aspiring writer.  Thomas Sharpe (Hiddleston) is a struggling aristocrat who is trying to raise money for his revolutionary clay mining machine.  Without giving too much away… ghost shenanigans ensue once Edith moves in with Thomas and his sister Lucille (Chastain).  Hunnam plays Dr.  Alan McMichael a close friend, but distant admirer of Edith.

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