Life: What are we watching?

So first reasons why I’ve been a little preoccupied these past few weeks.  There’s a contest going on right now you see.  The prize is a chance to visit the set of Supernatural.

spn contest

spn contest02

I’m what you would call a slight fan of the show.  By slight fan I mean I’ve spent way too much of my life watching Supernatural, talking about Supernatural, and writing about Supernatural.  I made some great friends because of our shared interest in the show and I introduced a lot of my other friends to this show who hadn’t seen it.

So the past three weeks have been  spent posting the multiple daily challenges to my twitter and my Instagram.  Silly little challenges such as having to make the Sam Winchester patented “Puppy Eyes” or recreating the shows signature Dramatic Zoom.  I feel bad for people who follow on my on any of those social medias as I’ve been spamming it to no end.  Yet, it’s with the help and the support of all of my family and friends that I’ve been able to make it to the Top 10.  With only 2 weeks left, I’m trying to make my final push to the number one spot.


Here’s that quick overview of what I’ve been watching lately…

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