TV: Blindspot 1×01 – Pilot

Original air date: Sept. 21, 2015

So, cards on the table? I’m already pretty biased when it comes to this show.  I think Jaimie Alexander is pretty spectacular and I was extremely excited to see the promos for this show.  So, yeah I was already expecting to like this show.  After the pilot, I can say I LOVE THIS SHOW.  I absolutely looking forward to watching many more episodes.  Jaimie Alexander is simply fantastic in this role.  She brings such strength and vulnerability to the role.  Not to mention how much ass she kicks.

We begin with a striking image of an empty Times Square as NYPD bomb squad approaches a mysterious duffle bag with a ‘Call the FBI’ tag.  Just as he approaches a single tattooed arm reaches out followed by a very confused and terrified woman who seems to have no memory of how she came to be.

Her tattoos turn out to be a puzzle and treasure map of sorts.  The first clue leading to her new FBI partner Kurt Weller.  Together they are able to stop a terrorist plot and save hundreds of lives in the process.  All because of Jane Doe’s new tattoos and her mysterious skills.

Jaimie Alexander is basically Michael Scofield mixed with Jason Bourne and it’s pretty spectacular.  A covered up tattoo on her shoulder leads the FBI to believe she was a former Special Ops Navy Seal.

So much mystery.  Who is Jane Doe? Who and Why did they do this to her?  Why the amnesia and the tattoos? Also who is that mysterious stranger following Jane?  What is with the redacted file talking about murder?!

In conclusion: I am so here for this one this one and I look forward to seeing the relationships develop over the course of the show.  Hard recommend on this one.  There’s action and adventure and so much fun.