Life: What I’m watching #2




My Mom has listened to the same radio station my entire life.  I wasn’t always a fan of the station, but when I was in Elementary school, they used to do this thing on Friday’s called the “Friday Freak Out”.  It was a mix of different popular songs, funny movie quotes and sound effects.  However, the running thread through the entire song was the Hawaii Five -O theme song.

Sometimes I’d run into my Mom’s room while she was getting ready so I could hear the “Friday Freak Out” twice as they would play it early in the morning and then a few hours later.  It was my favorite thing in the whole wide world.  I grew to love that theme song and would dance around and pretend I was on a surf board.  Now, I had never seen the original Hawaii Five-O but I knew that song just sounded like someone should be surfing.  When I heard the that song, it just felt like Friday.

Then in 2010 the remake Hawaii Five-0 premiered.  Imagine my delight when I heard that very familiar theme begin the very first time I watched the pilot.  Hearing the song again made me smile instantly and I wanted to dance.  It was the emotional equivalent of waking up and knowing it was Friday – only one more day left till the weekend!

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Life: I moved!

Surprise! I suddenly/not suddenly moved to Chicago!  Which is my excuse for the extremely low post rate as of late.

When the opportunity came up, I realized that I had never lived anyplace that experienced 4 seasons, let alone some place that was cold… so I said “WHY NOT?!”.  So, Socorro and I picked ourselves up and moved across the country.

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There's actually four seasons here. #excite

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Getting ready for the big move, the actual move, and just trying to get myself settled in has been occupying most of my time.  My first weekend I did the tourist thing.  I’d never actually been to Chicago before, so there was quite a lot to see. and now I’m just trying to explore the city a little bit at the time.  I look forward to all the many adventures this city has for me.

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What I’ve been watching?
Honestly, with the movie and everything? I’m super behind on almost all of my current television shows.  Instead, I’ve been marathoning old favorites such as Merlin, Black Books, and I’m currently working my way through Lois & Clark.

However, I’ve got some exciting and hopefully interesting projects that Socorro and I have been working on.  So I would say, there’s definitely some new things to look forward too on the horizon.  So please, stay tuned. We should be announcing something very soon.

Life: What are we watching?

So first reasons why I’ve been a little preoccupied these past few weeks.  There’s a contest going on right now you see.  The prize is a chance to visit the set of Supernatural.

spn contest

spn contest02

I’m what you would call a slight fan of the show.  By slight fan I mean I’ve spent way too much of my life watching Supernatural, talking about Supernatural, and writing about Supernatural.  I made some great friends because of our shared interest in the show and I introduced a lot of my other friends to this show who hadn’t seen it.

So the past three weeks have been  spent posting the multiple daily challenges to my twitter and my Instagram.  Silly little challenges such as having to make the Sam Winchester patented “Puppy Eyes” or recreating the shows signature Dramatic Zoom.  I feel bad for people who follow on my on any of those social medias as I’ve been spamming it to no end.  Yet, it’s with the help and the support of all of my family and friends that I’ve been able to make it to the Top 10.  With only 2 weeks left, I’m trying to make my final push to the number one spot.


Here’s that quick overview of what I’ve been watching lately…

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Book: You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)

This one (2)“Hair check.  How’s my hair?” I bounced a bit as I nervously combed my fingers through my hair.  Two teenage girls walked past us as, holding up a third friend as she cried “She’s the most awesome person EVER!”  Tears streamed down her face as she clutched her newly signed copy of Felicia Day’s book You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost).

We’d been in line for nearly three hours at this point and honestly… I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was not far from being that crying teenage girl myself.  I’d spent the days leading up to the event trying to figure out what I wanted to tell her when I got to meet her.  What was I going to say?  How could I say “I love you! I love your work! You inspire me to do so much!” … how could I say all of that and not sound like a half-crazed fan?

I never figured it out.  In the end I settled for a “Hi! How are you?!” and a lot of frantic nodding.  She signed my book, there was a quick photo snapped and I walked out of the store in a daze.

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Life: It was Destiny

“They’re coming.”  Coco’s voice is nervous.  She wasn’t paying attention before, but now she’s alert.

“Wuh…” It’s about all I can get out before my entire field of vision is full enemies. “shhhiiiiiiiiiiiit!” I don’t know what to do. They’re everywhere, there’s nowhere to run.  “THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! WHAT DO I DO?! WHAT DO I DO?!” I shout.

Then just like that my screen turns read and the words “GUARDIAN DOWN” begin to flash across my screen.

This is a story of how Coco has either helped me fulfill my full potential or has successfully ruined my life.

It was Sunday.  A beautiful day.  The sun was bright and the birds were surely singing.  Here we were two twentysomething women, with nothing to do. Our options for day were limitless.

Naturally, we ended up watching TV on the couches.  That’s when Coco had the brilliant idea that I needed to play the demo of this game she’d gotten not too long ago.  Destiny.


Now, I’ve never really played video games.  Not because I’ve never saw the appeal, we just never had gaming consoles in the house growing up (no matter how many times I begged for one).  When I was little I’d sometimes try to play when I was at my cousin’s houses, but they would always tell me I was terrible and take the controllers back.  In college, I’d just watch my roommate play, and that was entertainment enough.

My experience was limited. I didn’t know which button did what (actually I’m still not quite clear on that).

Yet, I wasn’t but ten minutes into Destiny and I was hooked.  There’ll be no going back.  Last night I dreamt of Dregs, Thralls and that damn Wizard that took me two hours to defeat.  All day at work, as I gritted my teeth at all the stuff piling up on my desk, the one thing that got me through was thinking about getting home and tacking some Fallen and Hive badies.

Basically, this was a post to try and explain why I have a bunch of notes sitting next to me for TV episodes that I have yet to write and why I have a bunch of new shows sitting on my DVR waiting for me to watch.  Luckily, its just a demo so I can only go as high as level 7 at this point.

Anyway, a quick rundown of what I’m watching this week

The newsroom title    about a boy title   the 100 title     moone boy title

I’ve finally started Season three of The Newsroom.  I’m going through the episodes slowly, because I’m savoring them.  I’m sad that these are the last few episodes I’m going to get of this quality show.  I’m going to miss these characters and that fantastic dialogue.  Plus, it makes me nostalgic for the days I used to work in a news room.

I’m marathoning About a Boy.  I enjoy easy to watch sitcoms in the morning while I get ready for work and its hitting the spot.  It’s cute and it’s funny.  I was hesitant at first, because I’m a snob and I loved the movie so much, but I can admit when I’m wrong.

I’m in the middle of rewatch of The 100 for the second time.  Coco and I made a deal that she’d watch The 100 if I’d give Heroes a second chance.  Now that they’re filming the Heroes sequel, it’s the right time for me to give this show another try.  I loved season one, but I just lost interest after that.  We’ll see how I like it now on a second watch.

I’m also in the midst of watching season three of Moone Boy on Hulu.  What can I say? I’ll watch anything with Chris O’Dowd in it.

Negl, I’m headed back to Destiny as soon as this is posted.

You can read Coco’s take on this weekend HERE at C’est la Vie.

Life: It is a truth universally acknowledged…

If you were to ask me what my favorite movie was you would get a couple of different answers.  If I was feeling particularly pretentious that day I might answer Ingmar Bergman’s Persona.  If I was in a darker mood, I’d probably say Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.  If I was being honest, I would say Empire Strikes Back.

The 2005 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice is not a movie I would claim as my favorite movie.  Which is a little bit odd since I FUCKING LOVE THIS MOVIE.  This is the movie that I have watched a million times and will watch a million more times.  There is no scenario that exists in which I will not want to watch Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfayden yell at each in the rain.

So Saturday night, Coco (the roommate) and I, are roaming the aisles of DVDs at Target (you know as you do) and I point out a boxset which includes among others the 2005 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice when…

“I’ve never seen it.”

Imagine my shock but mixed with excitement as I realized I could bring this greatness into her life.  The rest of the evening was spent alternating between raving about this movie I loved so much and still being surprised that someone who had once regularly been referred to as a “Jane Austen Character” had never once experienced anything Jane Austen.

Long story short? She loved it and I was instantly able to talk her into watching Sense & Sensibility right afterwards (okay it’s more like I took control over the TV and announced what we were watching next).  It was a Jane Austen party!

So now it is my mission to say:


Go watch Pride & Prejudice.  If you’ve never seen it before, you will thank me.  If you have seen it, than well you know what I’m talking about.

Imagine this, Keira Knightley as a perfect Elizabeth Bennet, a Mr. Bingley who reminds me so much a regency era Ron Weasley, a swoon inducing Matthew Macfayden as Mr. Darcy and a Bennet family that is just so endearing.  Add some jaw dropping scenery and music that you’ll want to hum to yourself for the rest of the week and really what more could you ask for?

Just… just go watch this movie.  Treat yourself to Pride & Prejudice.

“You have either enlightened me or you have ruined me with this movie.”  Coco says as she peaks over the top of my laptop at me and with that I believe I have found the perfect ending to this post.

You can read Coco’s companion piece HERE at her blog C’est la Vie.

It’s a Fresh Start


So, let’s start this from scratch.

People always say “write what you know” and if I know anything… I know television and I like to think I know a little bit about myself too.  Well I think I know myself.  Honestly, I’m terrible at writing introductory posts.  I never know what to write and I always end up trying way too hard to be witty.  So, I’m just going to ramble a bit and hopefully something interesting will tumble out.

I’ve had blogs before.  I’ve had TV blogs before, but this time we’re starting from scratch.  New blog. New Post.  New me.  Well okay, the me is probably still the same, but you know NEW BLOG! A new start.  Blank slate.   A crisp brand new journal with empty pages.  *sniffs* Can’t you just smell that new car smell?

Quite honestly, I don’t even know where to start.  Do I start from the beginning?

They say it was raining the day I was born.  My mother had just had a large meal of pasta and – okay I actually don’t even know this story.  I’ll fast forward a few decades.

So a little bit about me as I am now.   They call me Trin.  I’m *this many* old.  During the day I work for a photography company, I have a dangerously underused television and film degree, and at night I spend way too much time obsessing over fictional characters.  My personality is 85% television and 15% idek.

I guarantee that if you stick around here, you will be bound to read many a rambling keyboard smashing overexcited blog posts about whatever it is that I’m watching these days.  There will be tears on my keyboard as I scream about the fictional idiots that I love.  There will be some posts about … well I’m not sure, but there will be posts.

What am I watching these days? What aren’t I watching?  Well okay, according to that whiteboard in my room, there is quite a lot of shows that I’m not watching or shows that I’m behind on.   Best thing about summer hiatus is that it gives me time to catch up.

So I guess that just about covers it for now.  There’s not much left to say except…

Stay Tuned.