Film Review: Hotel Artemis


Director/Writer: Drew Pearce
Release Date: June 8th

EDIT: Oooops, this was scheduled to post almost three months ago. Sorry guys, but posting it now. 

I enjoyed this film. It was a unique little tale about one night among many in the lives of a group of strangers.  This was just one story in a city full of stories and only but a glimpse of the happenings of Hotel Artemis.

This film had such a wonderful look to it and way about everything it chose to do.  However, where this film really shined was through the performances of the actors. There’s not enough great things I can say about everyone in this film.


So, here’s the rundown:

It’s 2028 and in the middle of this riot-torn Los Angeles sits Hotel Artemis, a members only hospital open to criminals. At the center of this emergency room is The Nurse (Jodie Foster) and her trusty orderly, Everest (Dave Bautista).  Sterling K. Brown is our way into the story as a bank heist goes badly and his brother finds himself in need of medical attention. While at Hotel Artemis we meet an arms dealer (Charlie Day), a highly skilled assassin (Sofia Boutella), a cop who shouldn’t be there in the first place (Jenny Slate), and a very powerful man who runs all of Los Angeles.  You could say that it’s kind of crowded in Hotel Artemis.

While some of the characters exist to merely come in and out of the story providing either backstory or needed plot devices (i.e. Charlie Day and Jenny Slate), it never feels extra. Hotel Artemis is a story about a bunch of moving parts as they come in and out of Hotel Artemis.


This is not a serious film and it doesn’t try to be and it’s amazing. That of course doesn’t mean that any of the actors did not act the hell out of their roles. Sterling K. Brown is amazing at everything he does to be honest.  Jodie Foster disappears into her role as The Nurse and everything from the way she ran around the hotel to how her character dealt with near crippling anxiety was on point. They really are the foundation of this film and without them this film could have easily fallen apart.

I’ll recommend this movie to those who are looking for a great popcorn Friday night flick. To those who are looking for some great entertainment and a uniquely different story.


P.S. There’s a fight scene towards the end of the film that brought literal tears to my eyes. Sofia Boutella, you’re doing amazing sweetie.



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