Movie: Tully


Directed by: Jason Reitman 
Written by: Diablo Cody 
Release Date: May 4, 2018 

Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman reunite for a third time creating an unintentional trilogy consisting of Juno, Young Adult and now Tully.  Each film is about different women at different parts of their lives but each film compliments each other forming a trilogy about women and motherhood.

Marlo (Charlize Theoron) is an overworked mother who is having a hard time balancing her children and herself.  She’s struggling even before she’s due to give birth to her third child and receiving little support from her oblivious husband, Drew (Ron Livingston). Marlo’s brother (Mark Duplass) offers her the number for a Night Nanny, his baby gift to her.  Marlo is hesitant at first as it would require her to allow a stranger into her home.

After a wonderfully edited montage of the stressful, daily routines and duties to a newborn, Marlo has reached her breaking point. Tully shows up soon after like something out of a fairy tale.  Tully is exactly everything that Marlo needs at this moment in time.

For the first time in the film, Marlo is able to breathe.  Tully takes just a little bit of the workload upon herself and it frees Marlo. After just the very first night Marlo begins to come to life and actually bond with her newborn baby and enjoy her children again. In fact it is only when we meet Tully that we actually hear the baby’s name for the first time.


Tully is a film full of raw emotions as Theron is able to portray all the millions of emotions that a mother of three is experiencing in the first few months with a newborn. You can feel Marlo’s panic and sense of drowning through the repeated mermaid and water imagery used throughout the film. She’s fighting to find herself again amidst her responsibilities as a mother.

Marlo and Tully (Mackenzie Davis) are the center point of this entire movie and they couldn’t have picked a better team. It is their chemistry which drives the film and keeps the audience engaged in a film that sometimes meanders or throws us for a twist. They are able to convey a bond and love between their two characters.  Without their incredible talent and chemistry this film could not have succeeded.


I found Tully to be an unexpectedly uplifting movie as Marlo and Drew pull together in the end. We see Marlo at the end of the film and its obvious she is a changed woman from the one we met at the beginning of the film.

There are many surprises to found in this film and I definitely won’t be spoiling them here. I highly recommend this film for everyone.


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