Movie: Patti Cake$

Written/Directed by Geremy Jaspar
Start Date: August 18, 2017

This film was an unexpected delight and I am so very glad I got a chance to see it.

Patti Cake$ follows a young girl, Patricia aka Patti Cake aka Killa P, living in New Jersey and dreaming of something more.  She lives with her mother and grandmother and works two jobs just so they can make ends meet.  Her escape is her music and her rhymes.  She raps first thing in the morning while brushing her teeth and falls asleep to the sounds of her favorite musicians.  Her imagination and creativity bursting through her in a way that even when she decides to give it all up, she still can’t stop herself from grabbing a pen and jotting everything down.



Patti, however, is not what most people believe a rapper should be.  She faces naysayers, insults, and even physical violence at one point.  Even those who should believe in her are so blinded by their own dashed dreams that they can’t see her and her hopes.

She pulls together a band of misfits and outsiders and together they record a scrappy little album.  The put everything they have into it and are desperate for an audience. The three of them all have something to say but no one to listen.

Patti Cake$ is a quirky little film that aims to inspire. I believe it’s about doing what you love, no matter what anyone else has to say about it. I think it’s about not giving people the power to tell you what your art is.  Even if that means creating a self-produced album in a shack in the woods or finding any spare moment to sit down and write because there’s just some things you have to get out.


Like the characters in the film, Patti Cake$ has its own style.  Creating dream and dream-like sequences as seen through the eyes of Patti.  The debut feature film from writer and director Geremy Jaspar, Patti Cake$ features an off-beat and quirky sense to it. We see the world as Patti experiences it and how she sometimes wishes the world would be.

In Conclusion: Patti Cake$ has funny moments, inspiring moments, and some heart-breaking moments throughout the film. This is a delightful film full of hope and promise and a must see.  So do yourself a favor and spend an afternoon checking out Patti Cake$.



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