Movie: Kidnap


Directed by: Luis Prieto
Written by: Knate Lee
Start Date: August 4th 2017

 IMDB lists the run time of this movie to be 90 minutes – an hour and a half.  Now, I’m not saying that there was some slow credit crawl padding (I definitely used that trick back in college) … but I was walking to the bus stop an hour and 18 minutes after the lights when down in the theater so you can do with that information as you will.

That being said I’m not completely sure how long that movie could have really been. Each time the film attempted to slow down, everything would come to a screeching halt.  It’s hard once you’ve hit that 1000 mph tempo to bring it back down to what now feels like a turtle’s pace at just 70 mph.

Here’s the set up:
Halle Berry plays Karla, a single, hard-working Mom.  Her now ex-husband is re-marrying and wants to take her to court for full custody of their 10 year old son (Spoiler: Ignore the parts about the ex-husband he has no part in this film – even though that would have helped sort out some of those crater sized plot holes that definitely come up later in the film). After a nice afternoon out at the fair, Karla takes her eyes off of her son for a single second and like every Mother’s nightmare her son goes missing.  As she begins running around calling for him, she catches the kidnappers pulling her son in their car.  She immediately jumps into her own minivan and begins a high-speed pursuit.


Here’s where I am going to put something out there… something that I myself do not always listen or adhere too….

Sometimes you just have to not take movies so seriously.  Sometimes a movie is just a way to pass the time and not everything has to be Oscar worthy (disclaimer: because Oscar worthy movies are not guaranteed to be Oscar worthy while those that should actually be reaping the praise often times go unnoticed).

Next, I’m going to admit that I often times get swept up with the vibe of the audience.  As I have mentioned before, the audiences at advanced screenings are usually more vocal than the standard Friday night crowd. This audience was engaged and having fun. At one particularly exciting moment, the woman sitting next to me reached over and grabbed my hand. The mother’s of the audience cheered and yelled in triumph each time Halle Berry pulled off the impossible and continued to pursue these dangerous criminals with no thought to her own safety but was simply driven by the love for her son.

Kidnap wanted to do for Minivan Moms what Air Force One was for the American President.  She made a minivan look badass and made those sliding doors into multi-use weapons.


There were times when things got frustrating because I wished she was a better driver, or that she would be more aggressive. Yet, I will admit while I fancy myself a driver straight out of Fast and the Furious, I do understand that I am not nor would the standard person be.  You would also have to take into consideration that she was worried about hurting her son if she were to say run the vehicle off of the side of the road.

Then there were just the straight up plot holes that made you wonder, how much could this kid be worth to the kidnappers for them to go through all of this trouble.  There were many times that they could have chosen to just cut and run. The kidnappers had so many moments that they could have just let this one kid go and would have probably gotten away with it.  They messed up and got themselves into a load of trouble which ended up being the downfall for their entire operation. All of that for a random kid they picked up at a fair?  Not that I’m rooting for the child kidnapping ring… but there should have been alternate reasons behind WHY THIS KID. Why was this kid worth so much to them?

Just saying… I would have included a plot concerning the ex-husband using this as way to prove she’s an unfit mother or a way for him to insure he would have full custody.  JUST SAYING

I can see why Halle Berry would be attracted to this film.  She’s the only hero and the only person capable of getting her son back.

If you have an extra 90 minutes (I’m telling you it was less than that) or and feel like turning your brain off, than you may enjoy this film.

If you want to cheer for the strength of a Mother’s Love, than you’ll probably end up clapping when Karla succeeds when no one else could… than you’ll at least enjoy this film.

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