Life: What I’m watching #2




My Mom has listened to the same radio station my entire life.  I wasn’t always a fan of the station, but when I was in Elementary school, they used to do this thing on Friday’s called the “Friday Freak Out”.  It was a mix of different popular songs, funny movie quotes and sound effects.  However, the running thread through the entire song was the Hawaii Five -O theme song.

Sometimes I’d run into my Mom’s room while she was getting ready so I could hear the “Friday Freak Out” twice as they would play it early in the morning and then a few hours later.  It was my favorite thing in the whole wide world.  I grew to love that theme song and would dance around and pretend I was on a surf board.  Now, I had never seen the original Hawaii Five-O but I knew that song just sounded like someone should be surfing.  When I heard the that song, it just felt like Friday.

Then in 2010 the remake Hawaii Five-0 premiered.  Imagine my delight when I heard that very familiar theme begin the very first time I watched the pilot.  Hearing the song again made me smile instantly and I wanted to dance.  It was the emotional equivalent of waking up and knowing it was Friday – only one more day left till the weekend!


Now, I didn’t keep up with the show over the years.  Life got in the way, always too much television to keep up … you know how it goes when you drift away from a friend.  Yet, I remembered the show fondly in a ‘if I only had more time I’d be obsessed with this show’. The cases were fun and the cast was amazing and I never can pass up bickering partners.

Recently, I was scrolling through Netflix.  I’d just watched one of the most depressing documentaries I’d ever seen and I just needed something to remind me what happiness was again.  That’s when Netflix recommended me Hawaii Five – 0.  I figured why not and hit play.  The moment the opening bars of the theme song played from my speakers, it’s like I’d been conditioned to feel happy and an instant desire to dance and pretend I was on a surfboard.

I’ve been marathoning the show ever since and I shake my shoulders in tune with the song every single time.  It’s one theme song I can never skip because it’s like 7 year old Friday morning happiness all over again.

So, while I enjoy this show very much… honestly, it’s the theme song that gets me every single time.  To  me that theme song will always be the musical equivalent of happiness.

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