TV: Outsiders 1×01 “Farrell Wine”


Original air date: January 26, 2016

To be completely honest, I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to actually write about this show.  It’s different and it’s new and it’s unlike most of the shows that I’m watching right now.  There’s been one episode so far and so much has already happened.  At one point I was taking notes just so I could make sure I remembered all the different storylines going on in just this first hour.

“Mad Max meets Little House on the Prairie”

That’s how Ryan Hurst described the show.  That’s also what caught my attention.  How can you not immediately watch a show when you hear it described like that.  I mean, how could I resist?  Having watched the episode, I don’t think I’d describe it quite like that but you have to admit it piques one’s interest.

In the series opener, we meet the Farrell family.  This is a family that has lived in the Appalachia Mountains away from society and without technology for 200 years now.  They have their own beliefs, their own traditions, and superstitions.  It is only when they are in need of specific supplies to they make the 3 hour trek into town and take what they need from the grocery store (they don’t put much stock in money).  Now the Farrell’s find themselves in a struggle to keep their mountain as a coal company seeks to turn a profit.  That is not even half of everything that they have going on though.  There’s a struggle for power within the family itself, a long lost cousin has returned after 10 years away, and then there’s Hasil who wants to impress a girl from town.

There’s always a threat of how dangerous the Farrells can be.  The Deputy in town is constantly trying to smooth over any kind of issue that might have to do with the Farrells. The only thing we know so far is that about 25 years ago, they tried to bring the Farrells down off of the mountain and a lot of bad happened, people died.  His fright at being in charge of evicting the family is evident as well as the people around him who remember what has happened in the past.

Then there’s the subtle whiff that there could be something mystical going on.  Perhaps all the stories that the townspeople grew up hearing about the Farrells’ connection to the mountain aren’t false.  Maybe the Farrells’ prophecies are actually coming to pass.  It’s pretty subtle, blink and you miss it ,but it’s there and it hints that there could be a whole lot more on the horizon for the Farrell family. Considering everything they were able to pack into an hour long show, who knows where all of these storylines could go.

All I know is that I enjoyed this show.  It was a heavily packed intense episode.  The cast is amazing and I can’t wait to keep watching.  If you’re looking for that intense show that is bound to keep you on your toes every week, then I definitely recommend this show.

You can catch episodes of Outsiders on WGN Tuesday nights at 9/8c as well as watch the first episode on the WGN website.

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