TV: The 100 3×01 “Wanheda: Part 1 “


Original air date: January 21, 2016

So, it’s finally here, season 3 of The 100. It has been a long hiatus.  Well… okay if felt long.  I always feel guilty calling it anything a long hiatus when I know the Sherlock fandom is a thing that exists (They wait two years.  TWO YEARS.)

Anway, way off point here.

Lets get to talking about The 100.  Season three.  Wanheda part One.  I’m not even going to lie, I was almost too excited to watch this episode.  What if something happened and I wasn’t able to pay attention fully? What if I needed to pause the episode?  What if I needed to scribble down an OMG moment and I missed something even bigger?!  So, yeah I actually waited till I was able to watch it online.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Most of the episode is concerned with filling us in with what has happened in the past three months (as most season openers are).  We find that Murphy has been trapped in that awesome bachelor pad bunker for 84 days.  Yes, that character I swore to hate with my dying breathe (that one), he’s been making it onto my good side ever since last season.  I can’t hate on his snark and the fact that sometimes he is the only sane person on screen.

Sidenote: Do not even get me started on whatever bullshit Jaha was sprouting and just how terrible of an idea ALIE is going to be later on this season.

Anyway, lets get to the really important part.  Bellamy Blake.  Good news everyone!  I am and forever will be Bellamy Blake trash.  This season he has grown into his leadership role and he is Dad to his delinquent children.  He even gets to roll out in his cool new rover with his pals and blast music from their speakers.  I’m just going to skip over my feelings on Jasper.  I know he’s hurting, but starting a war is NOT going to make things better for anyone.

Moving on let’s talk about how comfortable and familiar everyone was with each other.  Can we just have this for an entire season? Screw grounder politics and whatever the hell is going on with Jaha.  I just want Bellamy with his ducklings following him around and singing loudly in the car.  Plus, his girlfriend seems nice.  I hope we’ll actually get to meet her someday.

To be completely honest I find the entire plot with The Ice Nation a little forced.  I know Grounders can be superstitious, but this seems a little far fetched.  I like that we are exploring more of the world and learning about other Grounder tribes, but I’m not sure if I’m completely on board with this Wanheda storyline.  I will say,  I am so glad that it is Bellamy AND Monty who are going to be bringing her back.  She walked away from them too when she left.  They were just as much responsible for Mt. Weather as she was and they probably needed her too.

Favorite bits of the episode?

–  Bellamy & Lincoln.  More of this please.  I will never have enough of these two working together.
– Bellamy & Raven. “She’s too good for you” “Shut up.” Oh please be the bestest of bros       always.
– Bellamy making the Dad face as his children sing to the radio.
– Octavia’s horse. Octavia’s Sword.  Just more Octavia being a badass.

In Conclusion: I am riddled with questions on how someone dies their hair red living in the forest.  Is she using berries? How often does she need to touch up her roots?  Is the fact that that is not a natural hair color found in nature what tipped off the bounty hunters? More importantly thought,  Bellamy is so the Dad and I am so happy to see him with his family.  Bellamy Blake deserves all the family.  I will also be expecting an epic hug between him and Clarke next episode.  I’m talking EPIC.  The hug to end all hugs.

PS. I’m sorry this basically turned into the written version of me scribbling Bellamy Blake’s name inside of hearts.

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