Life: I moved!

Surprise! I suddenly/not suddenly moved to Chicago!  Which is my excuse for the extremely low post rate as of late.

When the opportunity came up, I realized that I had never lived anyplace that experienced 4 seasons, let alone some place that was cold… so I said “WHY NOT?!”.  So, Socorro and I picked ourselves up and moved across the country.

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There's actually four seasons here. #excite

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Getting ready for the big move, the actual move, and just trying to get myself settled in has been occupying most of my time.  My first weekend I did the tourist thing.  I’d never actually been to Chicago before, so there was quite a lot to see. and now I’m just trying to explore the city a little bit at the time.  I look forward to all the many adventures this city has for me.

IMG_2337 IMG_2358 IMG_2363 IMG_2371

What I’ve been watching?
Honestly, with the movie and everything? I’m super behind on almost all of my current television shows.  Instead, I’ve been marathoning old favorites such as Merlin, Black Books, and I’m currently working my way through Lois & Clark.

However, I’ve got some exciting and hopefully interesting projects that Socorro and I have been working on.  So I would say, there’s definitely some new things to look forward too on the horizon.  So please, stay tuned. We should be announcing something very soon.

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