Movies: Jurassic World (2015)

Release Date:  June 12, 2015

“I saw Jurassic World.  Text me when you see it and tell me what you think.”

That’s the text I got from my sister as I waited in line at the theater yesterday afternoon.  I promised to text her as soon as the credits rolled and I made my way to my seat.

Long story short? I loved the movie.  To be completely fair and honest, however, I had made my mind up beforehand that I was going to enjoy and have fun while watching this movie.  I wanted to like this movie, because I love Jurassic Park.  So yes, full disclosure my thoughts on this movie are horribly one-sided.

I texted as much to my sister as soon as I stepped out of the movie theater, to which she replied:

“I didn’t like it!!!! Cute but story didn’t seem all too interesting to me… Am I wrong?”

No.  She’s not wrong and no you, so many people out there on the internet, are not wrong either.  It’s a simple plot.  Scientists create dinosaur.  Dinosaur eats people.  It’s what anyone who has ever seen any of the three Jurassic Park movies would expect.  No matter how well humans think they’ve controlled nature… well… nature always finds a way.

So, let’s go ahead and get this out of the way.  Jurassic Park is an example of a near perfect movie.  The story is wonderfully crafted and polished.  The characters and actors are excellent and you know what it still looks pretty decent (holds up better than a lot of other movies in the special effects department).  Is Jurassic World as masterfully constructed as Jurassic Park? No.  Was it still a lot of fun? Yes.

I especially appreciated how Jurassic World paid so much homage to the original movie.  From the guy wearing a Jurassic Park t-shirt to the brothers finding remnants of the old park and driving one of the jeeps to safety.  Not to mention giving the T-Rex that hero moment towards the end.  This was a movie that didn’t try to “better” an already great movie.  This was movie that wanted to honor the past and just carry on the story.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt? Amazing.  The love side plot was cute and just enough to be cute, but not to try and overshadow the very real danger of being eaten by dinosaurs.

I know a lot of people are already complaining about the heels… but I LOVED that she kept them on the entire movie.  I loved that she was running at full speed in them.  I loved that she stood her ground against a Tyrannosaurus Rex in her high heeled pumps.  “Ridiculous shoes” or not, she was a badass and she did it all while still in her stylish heals and they never held her back.  So, yeah.  I know people have their reasons and I know they are complaining, but I am not one of those people.

The brothers.  I’m a sucker for a story about brothers.  There’s not a set of brothers that won’t pull at my heartstrings.

So, yeah.  I loved this movie.  I look forward to seeing it again and not just because I continue to love Chris Pratt in everything that he does.

If you want to like this movie, then you probably will.  If you are looking for the weak spots, than you’ll probably find those as well.

Idec, I still liked it.

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