TV: The Flash 1×23 “Fast Enough”

The Flash

Original airdate: May 19, 2015

First of all,  I know I’m late with this.

Second of all … I am going to punch a hole through a wall.

Immediately upon finishing this episode I ripped off my headphones and threw down my pen and *keyboard smash*

From the beginning of this episode, I knew that this was not going to be usual fluffy Barry cutie show that we had all grown so used to.  I mean, how could it? Barry is finally face to face with his Mother’s murderer and he can do something to stop it.  We needed Serious!Barry voice over and I-mean-business!Barry.

I’m starring down at my notes so that I can add a small recap to this post, but… it’s just ~TIME TRAVEL~ GREAT SCOTTS!

Barry has a chance to save his Mom.  Save his Mom and change the future!present forever.  He’ll gain a parent, but potentially lose another (and I’m crying).  Joe and Barry’s relationship is the glue which holds this entire show together and no one can tell me otherwise.  It is so important.  Joe, like a true parent, knows that Barry needs to do this.  I mean you can run though a million reasons on why he shouldn’t, but I mean COME ON, it’s his Mom.  He cannot not go when there is a chance he can save her.  He could die in the process or he could destroy all life as we know it… but I mean it’s his Mom.  Mom is trump card.

Barry and Iris.  I’m glad Iris knows about the newspaper.  I’m glad they acknowledged things.  In this timeline they still love and support each other, but things are so complicated.  She loves Eddie and her and Barry are basically siblings… its complicated.  The newspaper though.  The newspaper hasn’t changed, so there’s still that.  There’s still hope that things will work out.  Just glad its all out in the open now.  Iris should have been included in all of this since the very beginning.  There is just no excuse for keeping her in the dark for so long.

This blog is an Iris West Supporter Now and Forever.

Cisco and Wells.  Just the craziness of that relationship.  I need to watch this entire season again, because I want to write a 1000 word essay on this.  Lets skip it for now, because I have no proper thoughts and right now I’m just stuck. *whispers* Cisco is metahuman, pass it on.

I almost can’t even talk about the end of this show.  “Run Barry Run”.  Traveling back in time.  His Mom.  Eddie *cries*.  The black hole.  “I have to try.”  WHAT IS THIS?! I have lost all ability to form coherent thoughts.  How many days till we get season two? Do I really have to wait that long?

*sigh* Moving on… Favorite parts of the episode:

  • “So long and thanks for all the fish”
  •  Snowstorm wedding.  Those cuties getting married and being so happy.
  • “Let’s not fight on our wedding day”. *snerk*
  •  Cisco’s absolute resistance to help Barry risk his life, that is until Barry said “time machine”.
  • “Goodbye Dad.”  “Goodbye Son.” – Somebody get me a box of tissues.

In conclusion:  I just want to give Barry a hug, wrap him in a blanket and feed him milk and cookies.  Oh and HAS NO ONE IN FLASH!VERSE SEEN BACK TO THE FUTURE?!

PS: In my notes I just have “Science Biotch!” scribbled down.  I’m sure that was in relation to something Cisco said, but I don’t remember what.  The important thing is now I am imagining Cisco and Fitz being great friends.

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