TV: iZombie 1×10 “Mr. Berserk”


Original Airdate: May 19, 2015

I’m not even sure how to open this review up.  First, I will say if you are not watching iZombie and you love awesome things… watch this show.  Is it the title that’s throwing you off? I will admit the same thing happened to me.  I thought I was too cool for an i-title show and I was being a hipster about zombies. “ugh Zombies, so over it”.  Then I watched the pilot and I was hooked and there was no turning back.

iZombie? its got gumption.

Sidenote: I LOVE the opening credits and the comic book panels for the transitions.

I watched episode 9 while getting ready for work and I WAS SHOCKED.  I have a history of avoiding episodes that I happen after a tragedy, so I almost avoided this episode.  Confession time: I’ve never seen the season 3 finale of Luther, because of reasons.


Sorry.  Okay back on track.

This episode we learn that Max Rager energy drinks are like 95.5% the cause of zombie-ism.

We also see a very distraught Liv deal with her grief and it hurts us just as much.

I would also like to point out that Ravi and Liv’s friendship is just about my favorite thing in the whole wide world.  He opened that body bag and immediately went to find her.  He had to know that she was alright.  There was no judgement in Ravi’s face when she confided in him.  They are everything.

Actually, lets just spend the entire rest of the post talking about the amazing relationships in this show.  I don’t personally ship Liv and Major, but their relationship is pretty great.  They are always there for each other and when he rubs her back? It just felt so comfortable and natural and ugh.  Then there’s the Ravi and Major friendship that bloomed literally overnight and its on its way to being a thing of beauty.

Actually speaking of Major… he knows the truth.  Well kind of.  I mean how much would you believe that guy?  Someone *cough* Liv *cough* really needs to tell the guy or tell him something.  He’s gotten himself almost beaten to death twice now because he is not going to stop till he gets some answers, and honestly it’s just really shitty to make him think that he’s losing his grasp on reality like that.  Lets not keep secrets folks.

One nitpicky problem I have with iZombie is the serious lack of Peyton x Liv time.  We know they are best friends and yet their relationship is seriously lacking some screen time.  Like she was barely even mentioned in last night’s episode.  Liv is going through some serious shit and you know that her best friend and roommate would have wanted to be supportive of her.  No way do I believe that Peyton just pushed Liv off of the toilet she passed out on and that was it.  Like it came off so casually from Liv and like… no.  Give me an entire episode of just them and their relationship or I will not be satisfied.

Okay. Positives now. These were my favorite parts of the episode:

  • Ravi’s bedhead
  • Just all the support Ravi gives to Liv… just all the time.
  • Let’s all just close our eyes and image Ravi teaching Zombie!rat Shakespearean soliloquies.

In conclusion: Ravi.  Ravi is mai favorrrite.

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